In Nicaragua, Central America’s most economically challenged country, there is a burgeoning revival led by US-based ministries Mountain Gateway and Shake The Nations. Despite governmental persecution of the Catholic church, these ministries have reportedly reached 650,000 Nicaraguans with the Gospel this year alone.

Britt Hancock, the founder of Mountain Gateway, foresees the entire Nicaraguan population of six million experiencing evangelism by the end of next year. Hancock shares remarkable stories of healing and salvation from this year’s events, including spontaneous spiritual baptisms and physically impaired individuals regaining mobility.

The Nicaraguan government, in an unexpected move, has authorized Hancock to use Managua’s National Plaza, which can hold up to 300,000 people, for a significant outreach event. Hancock views this as a testament to the numerous miracles witnessed, expecting the venue to be overwhelmed with attendees seeking spiritual enrichment, Vision Christian Media reported.

This spiritual resurgence occurs as Nicaragua strives to recover from the ramifications of dictatorship, civil war, and natural disasters, leaving it as Central America’s poorest nation. Worthy News highlights this juxtaposition of revival amidst national recovery efforts.

Mountain Gateway criticizes the trend in mission organizations focusing predominantly on social issues, emphasizing the importance of preaching the Gospel and establishing churches. They argue that addressing physical needs without offering spiritual salvation leaves a critical void.

The ministry has been active in planting 85 churches in Nicaragua and beyond, focusing on discipleship and community service. Their activities extend to managing a donated coffee business, Hope of Glory Farm, which they dedicated to spiritual purposes. The farm, thriving beyond expectations, aims to drive evangelism, discipleship, and economic development in local communities.

In addition to spiritual outreach, Mountain Gateway is involved in various social initiatives, including overseeing rehabilitation programs for 800 addicts, rescuing over 1,000 children from trafficking, and providing aid to 3,000 families post-disaster.

Nathan Morris of Shake the Nations Ministries shares a passion for evangelism and humanitarian efforts in Nicaragua, emphasizing the ministry’s commitment to serving the poor and needy with Christ’s love. Their work, extended through global media, has reportedly influenced countless individuals in their spiritual journeys.

This movement in Nicaragua exemplifies a unique blend of spiritual revival and social aid, offering hope and transformation in a nation long burdened by poverty and strife.

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