As winter approaches, millions worldwide who have been displaced face unprecedented challenges. The sharp rise in essential goods costs, coupled with the ongoing impacts of climate change and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, are significantly straining these families. During the winter’s peak, they confront even harsher realities, often having to choose between warmth and health in their fragile shelters.

In regions like Ukraine, UNHCR is dedicated to assisting those most affected by the conflict. It offers financial support, essential winter supplies, and reinforce housing and community shelters to withstand severe weather conditions.

The situation is increasingly critical in Afghanistan, and also in Iran and Pakistan, where many Afghan families have sought refuge over the years. The winter months are particularly brutal here. UNHCR’s efforts include financial aid, solar energy solutions, and constructing permanent shelters to protect families who face intense cold and snow, especially in high-altitude cities and remote villages.

In the Middle East – Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria – UNHCR is actively providing crucial aid and winter supplies to refugees and displaced families as they contend with snowstorms, floods, and freezing temperatures. It extends similar support to families affected by the Sudan crisis, now seeking refuge in Egypt, as they face the winter challenges for the first time.

However, the continuation of these vital efforts hinges on your support. Now, more than ever, your donations are crucial to safeguard these vulnerable families during the difficult winter months. Winter response remains one of UNHCR’s primary focuses in the upcoming period.

Your contribution can make a significant difference. Please help us take action before it’s too late. You may directly donate to UNHCR’s bank accounts available here.

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